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moses, a seven month old elephant orphaned by poachers, was brought to malawi’s jumbo foundation in vwazi wildlife reserve after he was found alone and starving. there, he was raised by his adopted human mother, jenny webb, who slept by his side every night.

"elephants are extremely sensitive,’ said webb. ‘it amazed me. we think of elephants as big, strong creatures but they are very emotional. moses picks up on my feelings. if i am sad, he is nurturing. if i am angry, he quickly gets upset.

elephants need to live as part of a herd, but other animals can make a good substitute. "the dogs are like his herd,’ jenny notes. “he socializes with the dogs in the day and likes going for walks with them. but at night, he herds the dogs outside. he doesn’t like to sleep with the dogs. he likes to sleep with the cats, and me."

suffering from colic and diarrhea, moses was only given a 20% chance of survival when first brought to the foundation. he would ultimately be unable to recover from his illnesses, dying in jenny’s ams several months after his rescue. photos by denis farrell

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